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Precision Nutrition’s Precision Acetyl L-Carnitine, colloquially referred to as ALCAR, is a single-ingredient supplementary product, precisely isolated to its pure form to maximize the benefits of consuming it. When taken in an isolated form, at adequate dosage, supplementary Acetyl L-Carnitine can increase the fat-utilizing capacity of bodily cell mitochondria, producing energy. Theoretically, the increased energy production specifically from utilizing the fat content of cells will see cells shrink in size; with lesser fat storage being the primary reason for such. Additionally, being that Precision Nutrition Precision ALCAR is specifically ‘acetylated’ means that the ingested supplement can cross the blood-brain barrier and positively impact cognitive function and memory.

Precision Nutrition’s Precision ALCAR:

  • Can assist in the production of energy.
  • Stimulates enhancement in cognitive function.
  • Assists in fat-based energy loss.
  • Improves mood, energy, and learning capacity.
  • Unflavoured allowing for mixing with additional thermogenic products.

Precision Nutrition’s ALCAR is your perfect add-on to your weight loss journey, or just to supplement your daily good habits; ramping up your body’s fat-burning ability. Take 1-2 scoops of Precision Nutrition ALCAR first thing daily and/or prior to physical activity to take advantage of its multiple benefits!

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