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From the makers of our best-selling pre-workout Dragons Breath comes their HOT (see what we did there) new Fat Burner Fireball. Fireball is a high-quality (and delicious) thermogenic fat burner that has been lovingly created by the legends Reece, Ryan, and Jarrod at Red Dragon Nutritionals. These guys love to have a laugh and a bit of fun but they sure as hell weren’t playing when they created Fireball. Not only are the flavors total fire, but the formula of Fireball is also epic, this fat burner is clinically designed to deliver, fat loss, energy, and weight loss support.

Fireball Key Features:

  • Clean, staged energy – no jitters, no crash
  • Clinical Lipolysis (breakdown¬†of fat) using ALCAR and GBBgo!
  • Mood, Focus and Energy Support for whilst dieting
  • Amazing flavors (especially the Red Frog & Passionfruit!)

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Cola Lemonade, Lemon Lime Soda, Passionfruit, Raspberry Slushie, Red Frogs


60 Serves


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