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Intracell 7 Black is a complete training fuel for professional and recreational athletes, containing a synergistic matrix of performance-boosting carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids, and blood flow enhancers.

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Intracell 7 Black is a complete training fuel for professional and recreational athletes, containing a synergistic matrix of performance-boosting carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids, and blood flow enhancers.*

Each serving of Intracell 7 Black includes a unique quad carb blend featuring ModCarb, Carb10, Cluster Dextrin, and Palatinose to provide immediate, readily accessible energy for skeletal muscles that aid performance and help blunt fatigue. *

“Conventional” Intra workout supplements typically supply a paltry 5g of BCAA alongside a dash of salt and potassium. Intracell 7 Black provides a comprehensive assembly of essential amino acids, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and cell volumizers to fuel your mind and body for maximum performance.*

Intracell 7 Black Ingredients
Essential Amino Acids (Including 5g 2:1:1 BCAA)
Primeval Labs helped usher in the era of the essential amino acid supplement with the release of EAA Max and its caffeine-fueled brother EAA Max Energy.*

The reason for releasing an amino acid supplement that contained more than just the three BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), is that the body requires adequate amounts of ALL NINE essential amino acids to fuel muscle protein synthesis.*

BCAA supplements may “flip the switch” for protein synthesis, but your body needs the other six EAAs to complete muscle building.*

There is no time that amino acids are more in demand than during training when muscle tissue is slowly and constantly being broken down rep by rep.*

In creating this supreme training fuel, Primeval Labs has included the full spectrum of essential amino acids, including 5g of 2:1:1 BCAA. Specifically, the essential amino acids contained in Intracell 7 Black are:


Intracell 7 Black is true fuel for training, muscle repair, and growth. Not only does it include amino acids to build lean muscle mass,[1] but, as you’re about to see, it also supplies a synergistic matrix of performance boosters and fatigue reducers to help you reach new heights of performance in the gym or on the field.*

Supplies all nine essential amino acids
Stimulates protein synthesis*
Supports muscle growth and recovery*

Carb10 is an advanced performance carbohydrate developed by sports nutrition ingredient innovators Compound Solutions. Derived from pea starch, Carb10 is a fast-digesting, low glycemic carbohydrate that provides athletes with a source of clean, sustained energy ideally suited for the physical demands of intense training.*

Unlike maltodextrin-based intra workout carbohydrates, Carb10 won’t spike insulin or play havoc with blood sugar levels. In fact, testing shows that Carb10 delivers an 82% lower insulin response and 27% lower blood-sugar response compared to maltodextrin-based options.*[2]

Lastly, Carb10 won’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish thanks to its fast gastric-emptying and low osmolality. This also helps avoid the uncomfortable bloating frequently experienced with other peri-workout carb sources.*

Fast-digesting carbohydrate derived from pea starch*
Low glycemic*
Does not spike insulin or blood sugar*

Derived from beet sugar, Palatinose is a low glycemic form of sucrose this is roughly 50% as sweet as conventional sucrose, but won’t spike blood glucose levels and insulin in the way that pure sucrose does.*[3]

Where Palatinose really sets itself apart from other common intra workout carbohydrates, such as maltodextrin or dextrose, is that it enhances fat oxidation during intense exercise.[4] This means that your body burns a greater percentage of fat for fuel during training, sparing its glycogen stores for later on in the workout when maximum effort is needed.*

One other important thing to note is that Palatinose also helps athletes avoid post-exercise hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that can occur post-workout when blood sugar stores are extremely low.*[5]

Rapid-digesting, low GI carbohydrate*
Supports enhanced fat oxidation during exercise*

ModCarb is a revolutionary carbohydrate source for athletes derived from 6 organically-grown whole grains, including amaranth, oats, buckwheat, millet, chia, and quinoa.*

This unique blend of complex-carbohydrate foods provides athletes with a type of “slow burn” fuel that helps ensure stable blood sugar and energy levels during training, extending performance, and preventing the inevitable “sugar crash” that accompanies high-glycemic carbohydrates.*

ModCarb is also rich in beta-glucan, which has been shown in research to improve immune function and lipid profiles (cholesterol).*[6,7]

Derived from whole food sources*
Provides “slow-burning” energy*
Rich in beta-glucans*

Cluster Dextrin®
The final carbohydrate contained in Intracell 7 Black is the incredibly popular Cluster Dextrin (highly branched cyclic dextrin).

Similar to the other carbs included in the Carbohydrate Blend, Cluster Dextrin has a low osmolality and high molecular weight allowing it to be rapidly digested, yet easy on the stomach.*[8]

This makes Cluster Dextrin an ideal source of energy for your muscles during training as it provides the rapid infusion of glucose they need without leaving you feeling heavy, sluggish, or bloated. Exercise research using Cluster Dextrin demonstrates it boosts performance, reduces perceived exertion, and speeds recovery.*[9,10]

Thanks to its rapid uptake by skeletal muscles, it’s also useful post-workout for quickly replenishing muscle glycogen and helping reduce the onset of muscle soreness.*

fast-digesting carbohydrate*
Supports energy production and workout performance*
Aids glycogen resynthesis*

Taurine is a versatile amino acid affecting multiple systems in the body, including the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and skeletal muscle system. It readily crosses the blood-brain barrier where it acts on the GABA receptors of the brain.*[11]

This helps keep athletes calm, cool, and collected during intense workouts when stress levels are at an all-time high.*

Additionally, taurine also supports and enhances cellular hydration due to its properties as an osmolyte in skeletal muscle tissue. This helps avoid dehydration and sustain a high level of performance.*

Other research also indicates that supplementation with taurine improves performance and increases fat oxidation by as much as 16%.*[12]

Supports increased performance and fat oxidation*
Enhances cellular hydration*
Modulates GABA receptors in the brain*

Glycerol is an ingredient synonymous with hydration, cell volumization, and endurance. IT’s been used for years and years by athletes looking to avoid the dehydrating effects of exercise all the while maintaining a high level of performance.*

Unfortunately, much of the previous forms of glycerol suffered from poor shelf stability and mixability resulting in chunks of solidified powder in supplement tubs (rendering them useless) or gobs of undissolved powder stuck to the sides of the shaker cups.*

Recently though, a novel form of glycerol supplement entered the market in Glycerpump. This high-yield form of glycerol supplies 65% glycerol by mass along with improved taste, shelf-stability, and mixability compared to yesteryear’s glycerol supplement.*

GlycerPump may help enhance cellular hydration, promoting greater endurance, less fatigue, and better “water-based” pumps and muscle fullness.*

high yield form of glycerol offering improved stability and mixability*
Enhances cellular hydration and muscle fullness*
Promotes endurance and helps resist fatigue*

VasoDrive-AP (AmealPeptide®) is a patented, proprietary ingredient derived from casein included for its ability to enhance blood flow. Composed of di- and tri-peptides, VasoDrive-AP increases blood flow and promotes cardiovascular health via inhibition of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).*[15,16]
ACE is a devious little enzyme in endothelial cells that causes blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow, nutrient delivery, and energy production. VasoDrive-AP has been shown to inhibit ACE resulting in superior blood flow, improved blood pressure, and better performance.*[17,18,19]

Derived from casein protein*
Promotes cardiovascular health and performance*
Supports increased blood flow via ACE inhibition*
When Can I Take Intracell 7 Black?
Intracell 7 is extremely versatile and can be taken anytime around training — pre, intra, or post-workout.*

Pre Workout
Take it pre-workout alongside Prim-ATP for increased muscle creatine and glycogen storage. Thus, intra-workout carbs (plus creatine) means higher glycogen levels and sustained performance during your workout.*

Intracell 7 Black also stacks with any of our stim-based or stim-free pre-workouts, including Mega Pre, Mega Pre Black, and Ape Shi*t pre-workout. The fast-digesting carbohydrates and essential amino acids contained in Intracell 7 Black provide skeletal muscles with readily accessible nutrients that help them to perform optimally in the proceeding training session.*

Intra Workout
For longer training sessions, Intracell 7 Black provides a way to sustain energy and focus, helping athletes maintain a high level of performance throughout the most arduous of workouts.*

Mix up one serving (two scoops) of Intracell 7 Black in your shaker cup and sip in between sets.*

Post Workout
Immediately after training, muscle fibers are screaming for nutrition. Intracell 7 supplies fast-digesting carbohydrates and essential amino acids to replenish depleted muscle glycogen and kickstart the muscle repair and recovery process. The addition of VasoDrive-AP in Intracell 7 Black supports enhanced blood flow, accelerating nutrient uptake and recovery from exercise.*

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