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Gen-Tec Nutraceuticals source and package this 100% pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glycine powder to ensure that the product you purchase meets the extremely high Gen-Tec standard.


Many of the detoxification processes in the liver depend on the conjugation of toxins to glycine which assists in their removal from the body. Glycine is necessary for normal liver function. Glycine, the smallest of the amino acids, helps with healing injuries to skin & connective tissues & the production of bile salts which are important for digestion particularly of fats.


L-Glycine is a conditionally essential amino acid and supplementation is recommended for individuals engaging in intensive exercise.

    • High Quality
    • Liver Function
    • Detox
    • Conditionally Essential

Gen-Tec is an Australian company founded by Nick Jones, a Sports Nutritionist whose goal is to improve the quality of life and enhance performance through superior nutrition, exercise, and specific supplementation. Nick’s dedication to bodybuilding has paid dividends and has been justified by his achievements through local, national, and international stages. Nicks achievements include a Mr. World title, Mr. Australia title, Mr. Australasia title, and 1st runner up in the prestigious Mr. Universe competition

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